The day time stood still.

Yesterday afternoon i posted on facebook that Cerys is really poorly. Like a hot water bottle. Sensitive to light, sound and touch. Won’t eat and barely drinking. Keeps drifting in and out of sleep. Won’t take medicine either 😦



She had been listless all day and I was being complacent thinking it was a flu bug. A good friend messaged me and told me to get her to the doctors. She was worried about meningtis. So I stripped her down and then I noticed a rash.

I’ve since learnt a rash means it’s often too late. Amongst some prickly rough spots were others that didn’t fade. I thought my eyes were tired from the lack of sleep but after ignoring her protests about the light I opened the blind more and become concerned. Thank you Rachael. You gave me the kick I needed.

Luckily Par health centre were awesome. I rang and told them I needed her to be seen and they said bring her in immediately. Cerys of course perked up and I thought we were probably causing a drama over nothing.

An awesome Junior Doc saw her straight away and after consulting with another they decided to give her an injection of antibiotics and an ambulance was called. A car arrived first. The ambulance seemed to take forever. I’ve since found out they were on A30. They are so thinly stretched and under resourced. The crews were awesome though and the paramedic calmed Cerys down on the way.

We were taken straight to Paeds. They have been amazing too. Blood tests were horrid – my girl is feisty! Biggest meltdown was over wearing a nappy not a pull up. A bed was made for me to stay.

Last night the moon was looking awesome and I tracked it move across a clear sky as I watched Cerys sleep. I tell both her and Aidan I love them to the moon and back regularly so it felt a bit surreal that it was so bright and full in the sky. Of course i didn’t sleep a wink.

The IV antibiotics seem to be working but I’ve noticed some more spots today. She’s eaten a tiny amount and is finally drinking.

We are looking forward to Daddy coming back with clean clothes and her teddy rescue the dog.

We need to hold on to our NHS. Value every person that works in it. Make it an attractive profession not just financially but with good working conditions. We can’t afford to lose doctors to Jeremy Hunts new contract regime or nurses who can’t afford to retrain because they’ve already got a degree when they were younger and now the bursary is under threat of being scrapped.
Our future depends on it.FB_IMG_1453932494009


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